Will Americans Pay Too Much For Coronavirus Vaccine?

A pharmaceutical mogul from India believes Americans will pay too much for vaccines due to policies that protect Big Pharma. He wants to change that.

As a physician and an American I believe that Americans are willing to pay for quality, especially when it comes to health. I do believe there are places where we can cut corners to save a lot of money, in areas like imaging, distribution expenses, durable medical equipment, and fraudulent billing in particular. I do not believe that Americans would be willing to cut corners on safety and quality of injectable medicines, such as vaccines. India is endowed with a multitude of brilliant scientists, but it would have to convince us that they can mass produce vaccines of the same standard of quality as pharmaceuticals in the developed world. Even if this is a logistical possibility it is not likely to get a lot of traction in Washington.

Pricing aside, Adar Poonawalla, the mogul mentioned above, raises some really serious and important concerns about inequities, regarding access to covid vaccines in developing countries like India. Everyone deserves to have access to life-saving and disease preventing medicines. This pandemic is global, so we need to work together to find global solutions that are not driven by profit, for a change.

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This article discusses how Novavax plans to manufacture its version of the Covid vaccine in India, and other developing countries, which will surely improve access to the vaccine in those countries.

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