Medication Card

The PAA MEDICATION CARD  is engineered to make sure that each of your Medications, Natural Supplements, and Medication Allergies, are formally communicated to all of your providers and pharmacists.

Medication Cards
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This means that if there is a change to your medications within that year, whether it be an addition of medications the subtraction of medications, or a change in dosage, we will print a whole new set of cards for you at no additional cost

How Do We Help?

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The Risk

Medical providers and pharmacists frequently fail to communicate with each other about medications, and most healthcare facilities use different medical records systems, which do not share information. This puts us all at risk. For this reason, PAA’s objective is to promote safer medical visits by giving you a very simple and effective way of informing your health providers and pharmacists about every pill you take..

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How We Help

When you sign-up with PAA you create a medication profile by entering your current medications, as well as whatever natural supplements you take. 

Your PAA Medication Profile information comes to you in the easy to read report and as a set of 10 medications cards that can conveniently be carried and given to your medical providers and pharmacists. This set of 10 cards is printed on a durable material that will not easily fold or be damaged, and is mailed directly to your home. All of this for the one time price of $25.

How Do We Help?

$ 29.95

Medication Cards

Your card will contain the following
  • Medication List
  • Natural Supplement List
  • History of Medication Allergies
  • 10 Cards mailed to you