What a Post-Vaccine World Looks Like for Seniors

Even after a Corona Virus Vaccine, life for the over-60-crowd will change. According to Bruce Horovitz with @KaiserHealthNews, Seniors will likely need to take extra precautions.

For routine medical care, the prediction is that 1 in 3 visits to the doctor will be through Telemed, and some routine tests will be performed at home. The way seniors will travel will change, with more road trips and less flying. Cruise companies will likely require proof of a vaccine once it becomes available (this is not the same as mandatory vaccination). Safety and cleanliness will be a marketing strategy for restaurants, hotels, and public transportation. Seniors will use shopping services like instacart and Amazon, allowing them to stay at home. Seniors will also receive more in home care and stay with family members instead of nursing homes.

This author believes that these changes may become the “norm” in our communities.

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Ms. Jenn Landers | Writer with Patient Advocate Alliance LLC

Edited by Dr. Justin Groode