The Illusion of a Hoax Fades Quickly After Contracting Covid

8 months into a global pandemic that has infected more than 18 million people and killed more than 700,000 people worldwide, there are still those who are deeply skeptical about the dangers the virus poses. Others simply don’t believe it exists at all. There is a deep rift in the United States, with regard to virus, which seems to fall sharply along political lines. The article below does a fair job at explaining this landscape, from a slightly left-of-center perspective.

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Patient Advocate Alliance is not a politicized organization, our mission is to advocate for people experiencing challenges getting the healthcare they deserve, and in getting a Medication Card in the wallets of everyone taking medications. Part of this involves raising awareness about significant and noteworthy issues impacting the health of individuals and society.

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Justin Groode MD | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC

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