PAA Endorsements

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Sharon "Shay" Bintliff, MD, FACEP

Former Vice Chairperson, Hawaii State Medical Board,  Hawaii State Ethics Commission Member

“As a retired Emergency Room physician I know first hand how dangerous it can be when a doctor doesn’t know all of a patient’s medications, doses, and drug allergies. A medication card is such a simple solution, yet hardly anybody carries one in their wallet, and most people don’t remember all of their medications and dosages. I also support the other patient advocacy aspects of this company. Our current healthcare system leaves many individuals struggling to pay their medical bills and sometimes unable to get optimal care. Patient Advocate Alliance is doing something worthwhile and important.” 

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Roger Donaldson, CFE

Licensed Accident and Health Adjuster, A fortune 50 carrier Investigator

“Patient Advocate Alliance’s COVID-19 resource board has been tremendous help in getting factual, peer supported information on the pandemic.  The media seems to be awash in conflicting and sensationalized information, so I appreciate having a goto resource that provides me with the most up to date and accurate data to protect myself and my family.   Thank you for putting this all in one place and explaining the issues in an accessible format.  Now, with the emergence of “MIS-C” I hope you can include information on this new syndrome and what parents should know as well.  Thank you for making this information available to the public—I’ve recommended the site to other family as an excellent resource.”

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Alba T.

Patient advocacy customer,  Hawaii

“I am grateful to PAA for answering my questions about Medicare’s extremely confusing supplemental plans. This has helped immensely in making the right selection for my individual needs. Their services are very valuable and anyone can benefit from contacting them as a resource.

So thankful for their assistance!

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Patient advocacy customer,  Hawaii

“When my 16 year-old son broke his collarbone, Patient Advocate Alliance provided me with a comprehensive list of questions to ask the doctor. With this list of questions, my son and I felt prepared and comfortable going to the doctor’s appointment. I have always been hesitant to ask the doctor questions, both due to not knowing what to ask and not knowing the extent of how much I can ask. With the guidance of Patient Advocate Alliance, our experience with the doctor was amazing and the appointment went very smoothly. Furthermore, it was an extremely informative experience that I will be able to apply to any future visits to the doctors and help me navigate through my visits. “

Picture of son and broken arm