Commuting to your Work From Home Job is a Thing

Commuting to your Work From Home Job is a Thing 1

When I first read the headline of this Washington Post article, I chuckled. My commute these days is about twenty steps. After reading the article, it totally makes sense. We all lost a little bit of time alone with our thoughts to transition from work to home or home to work.

Read the Washington Post Article here talking about how a fake commute can help the work from home balance: Commuting to our work from home jobs

There is even at least one study being done on how things have changed with the work from home scenario.

Issued in July of 2020, Collaborating During Coronavirus: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nature of Work covers the impact of COVID-19 on employee’s digital communication patterns through an event study of lockdowns in 16 large metropolitan areas in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Using de- identified, aggregated meeting and email meta-data from 3,143,270 users, they found, compared to pre- pandemic levels, increases in the number of meetings per person (+12.9 percent) and the number of attendees per meeting (+13.5 percent), but decreases in the average length of meetings (-20.1 percent).

Collectively, the net effect is that people spent less time in meetings per day (-11.5 percent) in the post- lockdown period. They found find significant and durable increases in length of the average workday (+8.2 percent, or +48.5 minutes), along with short-term increases in email activity. These findings provide insight from a novel dataset into how the nature of work has changed for a large sample of workers.

Click here to read the research paper

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