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When Should you Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Post-Virus?

(CNN) Over 175.1 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered in the United States as of April 9, but many people still have questions about when to get the vaccine — particularly if they have had Covid-19 over the past year. Taking the vaccine also becomes more complicated if someone was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 or was diagnosed in between their two doses. People need to take several factors into account when getting the vaccine, according to CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen.

According to CNN Health, There is not a set number of days someone should wait until getting the vaccine, according to Wen. Rather, people should monitor their symptoms and make sure they aren’t feeling any severe Covid-19 symptoms, including a fever.

The current isolation period following a Covid-19 diagnosis is 10 days after the beginning of symptoms, so she recommends people follow that guidance.

“If it’s been 10 days and they have minimal or no symptoms, it would be fine to get the vaccine at that point,” Wen said.

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