Vaccine Envy – It is a Real Thing

We have learned so many new and unexpected things since the beginning of COVID. New terminology, a new way of life, and there are changes all the time. Now we are learning about Vaccine Envy.

According to this article in the, vaccine envy is when we are jealous or envious of those who have already received the vaccine.

In the article, they list ways to help prevent Vaccine Envy, including:

Acknowledge how you feel.

Reframe the situation.

Focus on managing your own health.

Practice mudita, a form of meditation that originates from Buddhism to relish in other peoples’ joy.

Try emotional brain training.

Get informed.

Spring into action. 

Reflect on what will make you proud in the future. 

Read the entire article here:

There are some interesting and thought provoking ideas to get through this.

It appears this is becoming a popular topic.

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Finally, here is a great article from Well + Good with a great perspective on Vaccine Envy:

Ms. Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
Edited by Dr. Justin Groode