Conflicting Data About Asymptomatic Spread: What Do We Do Now?

There has been incredible fear surrounding reports that the Coronavirus can be spread by people without any symptoms. We had no idea who might infect us so we stayed home. Now, after more than 2 months of staying home and social distancing, mask wearing, home schooling, food banks, unemployment for many, and unprecedented shut-down of the global economy, the World Health Organization (WHO) completely shocked the world by announcing that asymptomatic people “rarely” spread Covid-19.

The WHO’s announcement undermined the entire rationale for the utterly massive global public health campaign to stay home. This instantly led to lashing out by those frustrated that the economy may have been ‘tanked’ for no good reason. At the very same time, though, there were two other studies from highly reputable institutions (in the US and the UK) demonstrating massive benefit from social distancing. These studies claim that social distancing has prevented millions of Covid-19 infections, and has saved tens of thousands of lives saved in the US alone. And yet another very recent study claims that nearly half of Covid-19 cases may be spread asymptomatically.

If the WHO was correct in its assertion that asymptomatic spread is rare, social distancing would not be so effective. After all, people with symptoms would usually self-isolate, and certainly be avoided by anyone who noticed their symptoms.

So, this leaves us with a critical question to answer; which scenario is correct?

Then there was a new development, just one day after suggesting that asymptomatic spread was rare, a top WHO official clarified that scientists have not yet determined how frequently people with asymptomatic cases pass the disease to others. In short, it was an admission that that the announcement was based on limited data; basically an unscholarly assumption.

In the interim, the WHO’s announcement went viral and seems to have found fertile ground among groups who believe that Covid is a hoax, or worse yet, a sinister lie that is a part of a grand evil plan orchestrated by the government, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, deep-state, or whoever, hence the term “Plandemic.” It is impossible to tell how much damage the WHO’s faux pas will cause, but it will surely be used to embolden the various groups whose agenda is to oppose social distancing, mask wearing, vaccine development, etc. It is interesting that these groups have no trust in the authorities, such as the WHO, but when there is something to support their cause they have no shame about promoting it as gospel.

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