Nope, Face Masks Are NOT Dangerous…

You might have heard that Carbon Dioxide, also referred to as Co2, can build up in your system due to wearing a face mask for too long. This Blog Post is going to set the record straight.

Nope, Face Masks Are NOT Dangerous... 1

I am going to keep this post short and to the point. When Co2 increases even slightly in the body our brain makes us feel hungry for air (out of breath) in order to get us to breathe faster and deeper. This process is rapid for obvious reasons, but low oxygen levels do not drive this reflex, Co2 does.

If wearing a mask caused even slight retention of Co2 we’d feel out of breath and possibly some of the symptoms noted in the schematic above. That being said, if anyone wearing a mask were to develop any of these symptoms then it would be time to get a new mask that doesn’t suffocate them.

Summary: If you feel fine in your mask then there’s no problem with Co2. [That being said, Face shields are more effective than masks at preventing viral spread, so if this post doesn’t reassure you then consider a face shield.]

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Dr. Justin Groode | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC