Face Shields Versus Masks, Choose Wisely Because It Matters

While masks protect others, face shields appear to be more effective at protecting the wearer. The mask wearer is not well protected from others who aren’t wearing a mask. 

Infection through the eye mucosa has been proven with many viruses and is highly suspected with the coronavirus. Face shields are therefore probably safer and are a very reasonable measure for those in covid-19 hot spots or in healthcare.  The problem with face shields is that they are far less practical and not as easy to come by. They also really standout in an unflattering way, which could be a real barrier for some, such as the fashion conscious.

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While there are no official recommendations from the CDC or other authorities about the use of face shields, it is something to consider when in certain indoor environments where the virus can linger in the air, or in close proximity situations where distancing is less feasible, such as at farmer’s markets, drive-through restaurants, etc.

Face shields are also a very exciting alternative for those that who have been falsely convinced that wearing a mask causes unhealthy retention of Co2 (carbon dioxide) in the body. Click here to read our previous blog about this topic.

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Dr. Justin Groode | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC

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