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Changes in Air Travel due to COVID

Changes in Air Travel due to COVID 1

There are positive and negative changes in air travel due to COVID.

Some airports were able to fast forward through some major airport renovations during the shutdowns. Some airlines have reduced or modified their change fees. And finally, there are major improvements with cleanliness. The Wall Street Journal posted an article “The Silver Linings of Pandemic Era Air Travel.” Read the Wall Street Journal article here

They also recently posted an article about the use of disinfectants on aircraft. Read their article here: To Battle Covid, Airlines Bet on Disinfectants That Come With Questions – U.S. carriers are using higher amounts of some chemicals to show their planes are safe—the unknown long-term effects of these antiviral sprays concern some scientists

Another recent post from the Wall Street Journal addresses What to Expect From Travel in 2021 -Grounded fliers should see plenty of change this year on prices, mask rules and rewards programs—if pandemic conditions improve

This gives us some things to think about regarding air travel.

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Ms. Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
Edited by Dr. Justin Groode