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Angel Flight West Helps people get to their Medical Appointments Free of Charge

Todays post is taken from information on the Angel Flight West Website. Angel Flight West started in 1983 and is a non-profit providing medical transportation free of charge in the 13 western states.

Read more below or click the link below to read more on the Angel Flight West website.

Free Medical Transportation
with Angel Flight West

Over our 30+ year history, we have helped thousands of people get the transportation they need, and we look forward to assisting you with your medical travel needs.

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Angel Flight West is a charitable organization whose mission is help people get to their medical treatment. Most of our flights are provided by volunteers — private pilots who fly their own airplanes and donate the costs of the flight. We also work with airline partners for trips from Alaska and Hawaii.

Si necesita transportación para tratamientos médicos u otras razones de fuerza mayor pero no puede pagar por este tipo de servicio; es muy posible que nosotros podamos ayudarle. Por favor llámenos y nos dará gusto contestar cualquier pregunta. Llame al número gratuito: (888) 426-2643.

A few notes before we start:

  • There is never a charge of any kind for an Angel Flight
  • Your flight will be scheduled to accommodate your medical appointment.
  • You can bring companions to travel with you.
  • Your flight is just for you, and will typically be in a small private plane that can easily navigate in to small airports, even in rural areas.
  • Your pilot will pick you up at an airport near your home and bring you to your treatment facility.
  • After your appointment, another pilot will pick you up and deliver you back home.
  • You can travel with Angel Flight on as many trips as you need.
Angel Flight West Helps people get to their Medical Appointments Free of Charge 2


Air travel can help ease the stress and anxiety that accompany a health care crisis. Private air travel is faster and more convenient that a long drive or a commercial flight. Car trips aren’t possible if you don’t have a reliable vehicle, or if driving is uncomfortable or makes you feel sick. We can often help you avoid lodging expenses by getting you to treatment and home again in the same day. Quicker trips can mean less of a burden on family members, less time off work, and more time with family.

Angel Flight West can help if you need to travel for:

  • A second opinion
  • Specialized surgery or treatment
  • Pre-Transplant or Post-Transplant appointments
  • Diagnosis/treatment of a rare condition
  • Pediatric specialties
  • Clinical trials
  • To provide care for a family member
  • Or for any other compelling reason.

We encourage you to request a flight. While medical treatment may be available at no cost or covered by insurance, travel expenses are not. The cost of travel, especially when multiple trips are required, can quickly become a financial burden for many families. You may not be able to travel commercially because of a weak immune system. We understand what a challenge transportation can be, and we are eager to help.

Ms. Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
  Edited by Dr. Justin Groode

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