COVID-19 Vaccine Questions and Answers

Todays blog post is from an informative question and answer type article posted by the Centre for Neuroskills.

There is always public health misinformation, and CNS shares the latest information from industry experts to help address concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.

CNS is confident that the development and evaluation of these immunizations are scientifically sound and that their remarkable success should, over time, help us return to normalcy. 

Concern:  The COVID-19 vaccine is not safe because it was rapidly developed.

Truth:  It’s true the vaccines being produced against coronavirus were created in record time.  But that’s not because they were rushed.  It’s because of careful preparation.  The technology that underlies the vaccines has been in the works for more than a decade and was made precisely for a pandemic situation. 

Furthermore, the vaccines have met the careful and rigorous scientific standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Source:  CNN


Concern:  There are dangerous and permanent side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Truth:  Side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines are neither dangerous not long-lasting.  Even the worst possible reactions are rare and treatable.

Source: CNN


Concern:  The vaccine will give me COVID-19.

Truth:  Vaccines prime your immune system to recognize and fight off a disease, but they don’t actually cause an infection.

The first two COVID-19 vaccines that are available in the U.S. contain a strand of genetic material called mRNA.  When the mRNA enters your cells, it instructs them to make a piece of the “spike” protein that’s present on the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  Those protein pieces don’t actually harm your body, but they do trigger your immune system to mount a response to fight them off.

You might have some fatigue, muscle aches, a headache or a fever after you get the vaccine.  That’s normal with any vaccine – it’s a sign that your immune system is responding.

Source:  Cleveland Clinic.

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Concern:  The vaccine is more dangerous than COVID-19.

Truth:  The vaccine is far safer, with only minor temporary side effects.  In vaccine trials, no worrying side-effects were seen.

Source:  CNN


Concern:  The COVID-19 vaccine was developed to control the general population either through microchip tracking or “nano transducers” in our brains.

Fact:  There is no vaccine microchip, and the vaccine will not track people or gather personal information into a database.

This myth started after comments were made by Bill Gates from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about a digital certificate of vaccine records.  The technology he was referencing is not a microchip, has not been implemented in any manner and is not tied to the development, testing or distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Source:  Mayo Clinic


Misinformation:  I won’t need to wear a mask after I get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Truth:  It may take time for everyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccination to get one.  Even if you get the vaccine, you should continue to wear a mask around others, wash your hands, and practice physical distancing.

Source:  Cleveland Clinic


Ms. Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
Edited by Dr. Justin Groode