Coronavirus Updates and Vaccine Information

Coronavirus hospitalizations in the U.S. are declining as vaccinations across the country are increased.

Coronavirus Updates and Vaccine Information 1

Tracking Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution from the Wall Street Journal

Click here for a State by state guide to getting a COVID vaccine

Coronavirus Updates and Vaccine Information 2

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued recommendations for who should get the vaccines first, but states established their own criteria. Most prioritized healthcare workers and long-term-care residents first; now, many have moved on to those over 65 or 75 years of age and people with health conditions that put them at high risk.

While states have set the priorities for inoculations, many have pushed the responsibility for administering them onto individual hospitals, clinics and local public-health agencies.

Ms. Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
Edited by Dr. Justin Groode

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