Are You A Doomscroller? Here Is Why You Must Stop

What is Doomscrolling?

Doomscrolling and doomsurfing refer to excessively reading upsetting and traumatic news on your phone or computer.

In the past we would watch the news for an hour or less, then focus on other things in life. Now with technology, comes the ability to have 24/7 coverage of whatever events are happening. Unfortunately, in the absence of limit-setting, and with people having more time at home – being home and more isolated, excessive use of media has become a pandemic in its own right.

The bottom line is that Doomscrolling is not healthy for you. It can adversely affect your mood and increase your anxiety.

Some tips to help curb doomscrolling:

  • Limit the amount of time you allow yourself to read the news and limit the sites you go to for information.
  • Avoid reading the news right before you go to bed as it can impede your ability to sleep.
  • Use your extra time for something healthy, like taking your dog for a walk, gardening, or some other activity that does not involve electronics.

It is critical to take action step to protect your mind and wellbeing. One simple and quick step anyone can take is to read the writings of the many positive-doers who post regularly, such as Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, and many many more. These individuals can be followed on most social media platforms and can add something productive and positive to your day that will surely offset some of the negative messaging tormenting our psyches from both sides of the political landscape and from every direction it seems.

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Jenn Landers | Patient Advocate Alliance LLC
Edited by Dr. Justin Groode

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